Shirabe Ogino, Ph.D.
(Founder & CEO)

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(Founder & CEO)
Shirabe Ogino, Ph.D.<br> (Founder & CEO)

We Know Business

He holds master’s degree from Harvard University and Ph.D from University of Tokyo. While attending graduate school, he developed new businesses with Sony, etc., including a 50 billion yen business reorganization. In his 30s, while at Sumitomo and Itochu’s VC, he invested in dozens of Silicon Valley companies and executed dozens of M&As and IPOs. In 2011, he joined GREE, Inc. where he led the Business Development Division and its subsidiaries. His duties included engaging in tie-ups, investments and exits, business launches and business divestitures. He established an AI × finance company ZAISAN Net, Inc. in 2015, and Phantom AI, Inc. in 2017 with the goal of developing the “Phantom AI Weekly Bitcoin Forecast”. He is currently a board member of the Fintech Association of Japan.

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