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ZAISAN Net, Inc.

ZAISAN Net, Inc. is a leading FinTech company with its CEO being a board member of the Fintech Association of Japan, and sees opportunities in “AI x Finance”. With its mottos “For easier and safer asset management” and “Providing you with professional asset management techniques”, it offers “Shisan no Madoguchi”, a user-friendly service that helps general users for easier self-analysis to take a next step, and introduces “Kabuto Yoho” to media, that effectively uses know-hows of experienced sales force and traders. For institutional investors, ZAISAN Net’s optimization learning process leverages big data analytics of accumulated stock price data, statistical analysis based on financial engineering, and machine learning AI, to produce Weekly stock forecast. It also sells AI chatbot that can recognize natural language. ZAISAN Net, Inc. is a sister company of Phantom AI, Inc. Although mutual investors do exist, there are no capital ties between the two.

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