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Name, address, telephone number

Phantom AI, Inc.
N35 East 204, 18-1 Iwamoto-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Representative’s name CEO Shirabe Ogino
Employer’s e-mail address cs@phantom-ai.com
Selling price The selling price is posted in Section 2 of the Sale and Purchase Agreement.
Required fee other than item price Consumption tax, bank transfer fee (specified fee by each financial institution), and other network fee related to sending virtual currency are required.
Payment Method Payment in crypt currency such as Ethereum
Payment time · due date Prepayment
Delivery time of goods 24th December 2017 to 25th of the same month
Matters concerning withdrawal of application for sales contract or cancellation of sales contract We will not accept withdrawal, cancellation, return, etc. of the application concerning the purchase of goods including the token in any case.
When there is an application validity period, the deadline 24th December 2017
When there is a special contract of warranty against defect warranty We are not responsible for defect warranty concerning goods including tokens in any case.
Restrictions on sales quantity Other contents when there are special conditions · Sales volume is posted in Section 2 of the Sale and Purchase Agreement.
· There is a possibility that the sale quantity in pre-sales and cloud sales may change depending on supply and demand.
· Funds procured through pre-sales and cloud sales will not be reserved for development and marketing expenses etc.
· Payment method is limited to payment in virtual currency such as Enterprise Lee.
Specifications and performance of equipment of electronic computers necessary for using goods or services and other necessary conditions Windows / MacOS Recommended browser
Chrome 21.0+
Firefox 28+
Safari 6.1+
IE 11+